CrossFit In Police Academies

CrossFit has been successfully implemented in numerous Law Enforcement Academies across the Nation. One of the best case studies and models for Academy adoption has been the Jacksonville County (Florida) Sheriffs Office. Results from a study of the program in 2003 revealed that injuries normally sustained during the Academy were down 80 percent in the first year. The few injuries that did occur happened during the use of unstructured protocols inconsistent with CrossFit’s standards. Since 2003, there have been no physical injuries related to Jacksonville’s CrossFit training model – not one.

Since the implementation of CrossFit at the Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Office, Academy graduates who have been recruited by outside LEO Agencies have been highly regarded for their physical and mental combat readiness and street confidence. The top CrossFit performers in the Jacksonville Academy quickly moved on to tactical assignments where they publicly credited their survival in deadly force engagements and extended stressful incidents to their “CrossFit Mentality.”

For more information on the success of the Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Office, please see the CrossFit Journal Article “CrossFit Training for Law Enforcement.”

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