Redlands Police Department, CA.


On April 13, 2014, CrossFit Law Enforcement Liaison Greg Amundson joined Redlands Police Department on opening day of their new CrossFit Law Enforcement Affiliate, CrossFit Theseus. Over 30 Offices participated in the inaugural event, which included a keynote address from Greg, and the Redlands Chief of Police Mark Garcia. Redlands Police Officer Esteban Valenzuela worked extremely hard to create the Affiliate for his Department, and his efforts were recognized by both his Chief, and the entire Department.


“I have had the opportunity in my career to be a part of our Gang Unit, SWAT team, Narcotics unit, and Patrol teams. During my time on each unit I have witnessed first hand the benefit of implementing CrossFit into my life and those around me at the Redlands Police Department. High Intensity and Constanly Varied, Unknown and Unknowable? Imagine jumping out of a car without any notice while carrying 30 pounds of extra gear, chasing a suspect over a 4 foot fence and then a 6 foot fence, and taking him into custody after wrestling with him for 30 seconds to a minute. And in the end you’re not even breathing hard! I can tell you there is no better way to prepare for that scenario than CrossFit, and I have found no other program that has a more direct application to what we could possibly face on a daily basis. I can personally tell you that CrossFit has changed the lives of several members of the Redlands Police Department and will continue to be the primary strength and conditioning program for years to come.” Redlands Police Officer Esteban Valenzuela 


“In the Law Enforcement profession, Officers need to be prepared for the unknown and unknowable. CrossFit is a great fitness program to meet and surpass these needs and instill confidence in our Officers to handle any incident they encounter. I strongly support CrossFit to achieve our Law Enforcement fitness goals.” – Chief of Police Mark Garcia, Redlands Police Department



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