Oregon City Police Department – CrossFit 1850

In November 2013, the Oregon City Police Department lost an officer in the line of duty. That hadn’t happened in more than 100 years. As the new police chief in the small Oregon community, Jim Band recognized the need to help the department cope with the loss of Reserve Officer Robert Libke, who was fatally shot after responding to reports of an armed man near a house on fire.

In a rare quiet moment during a stressful day, Band sat down at his desk and could feel weights dropping in the gym, so he wandered over to observe. What he saw was therapy in action.

“I see all these faces who had just been carrying the weight of the world for the last couple days. … They had just finished some WOD, and I could just see their faces … they were so much better,” Band says.

The chief tells Greg Amundson, CrossFit’s Law Enforcement Liaison, all the money, time and effort put into CrossFit 1850 was worth it after seeing its effects on members who were dealing with the devastating loss of a colleague.

The affiliate has been active since 2011, and it was created because “the ability for our employees to combat the overwhelming stresses of police work through exercise is paramount,” according to a 2012 press release.

Watch the full story on the CrossFit Journal. 

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