Los Angeles Police Department

Congratulations to LAPD Recruit Class 8-14 on their successful Academy Graduation. Class 8-14 utilized CrossFit methodology and workouts during their Academy with astounding results. Most importantly, the class graduated without a single injury – one of the first Academy classes to achieve such a feat. The class received education and inspiration to continue their CrossFit training for the duration of their Law Enforcement career. If you are interested in bringing CrossFit to your Police Academy, please e-mail Greg Amundson at Amundson@CrossFit.com. Several Academies across the County have already successfully implemented the CrossFit program. CrossFit, Inc., has established numerous points of contact for Academy Instructors and Administrators who can guide the integration of CrossFit into any type of Academy setting.


LAPD Recruit Class 8-14 on their final CrossFit workout


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