Below are some of the most common questions we receive on CrossFit for Law Enforcement Officers. Please review these questions and answers first. If you have specific concerns not addressed here, we would be happy to speak with you.


1)     Do I have to be a non-profit to be a CrossFit Law Enforcement Affiliate?

In order to have CrossFit waive the yearly $3,000.00 Affiliation fee, you must be a non-profit. However, you may still seek Law Enforcement Affiliation with CrossFit as a for-profit Affiliate if you agree to pay the yearly Affiliation fee.

2)     As a non-profit Affiliate, am I allowed to accept monetary donations for equipment and space?

Yes. As a non-profit, you may accept DONATIONS from Officers, community members and community fundraiser events. These profits must be used to purchase equipment, maintain equipment, replace equipment and pay the lease of the Affiliate location.

3)     Do I have to be Level I Certified to teach at my CrossFit Law Enforcement Affiliate?

Yes. CrossFit requires that all instructors who are teaching CrossFit at a Law Enforcement Affiliate attend and successfully pass the CrossFit Level I Certificate Course. Officers who are teaching skills other than CrossFit, ie. Defensive Tactics, Arrest & Control, need not be Level I Certified.

4)     Do I have to have an actual “CrossFit Box” to seek Law Enforcement Affiliation?

No. Many successful Law Enforcement Affiliates teach CrossFit at College tracks, wrestling rooms, and even inside Officer’s personal garages.

5)     Does CrossFit offer consultation for Law Enforcement Affiliates?

Yes. CrossFit has a full time Law Enforcement Liaison who is available to meet with Law Enforcement Affiliates. This includes phone consultation, e-mail support and Agency visits.

6)     Is there a network of other Law Enforcement Affiliates?

Yes. One of the major benefits of Law Enforcement Affiliation is the ability to join a group of Law Enforcement professionals from around the Nation who are using and benefiting from the CrossFit program.

7)     Does CrossFit offer continued education opportunities for Law Enforcement Affiliates?

Yes. CrossFit offers a Law Enforcement Seminar that is hosted by current CrossFit Law Enforcement Affiliates. The Seminar offers education on best practices for CrossFit implementation as well as continued skill development in foundational CrossFit movements. CrossFit also offers several Speciality Courses as well as the CrossFit Level I Certificate Course.

8)     As a Law Enforcement Affiliate, is my Agency required to have insurance?

No. CrossFit waives the insurance requirement for Law Enforcement Affiliates. In order to meet this requirement the Law Enforcement Affiliate must be non-profit.

9)     My Agency has a few concerns with the Affiliate agreement.

Please let us know their specific concerns. Our legal department may be able to design a custom Affiliate agreement for your Agency.

10)    I have been doing CrossFit for six months. Is this enough time to start a CrossFit program at my Agency?

If by “start a CrossFit program” you mean get Level I Certified and begin to teach CrossFit to your fellow Law Enforcement partners, the answer is a resounding YES. In the old days of CrossFit, Coach Glassman would direct new athletes to go home, grab a broom-stick, knock on their neighbors door and teach them how to squat. By teaching CrossFit to your fellow Law Enforcement partners, you enhance your own ability to perform the skills, as well as transfer knowledge to your peers that is potentially life saving.

11)   Should I do CrossFit on my own or at a local CrossFit Affiliate?

Today there are approximately 10,000 CrossFit Affiliate’s worldwide. These CrossFit Affiliate gyms are staffed by Certified CrossFit Trainers who are the best in the business. Training at a local Affiliate is an outstanding way to learn the foundational CrossFit movements. In addition, joining a local Affiliate connects you with a community of physically fit and healthy individuals.

12)  Is there an on-ramp I should follow? The workouts on the main CrossFit website are not within my capacity.

We do not recommend a specific on-ramp for Officers new to the CrossFit program. We do, however, strongly recommend adherence to the fundamentals and proper range of motion. At a LEO Academy, are you given a gun and 50 rounds and told to have at it? Of course not! You start with the fundamentals of marksmanship, with no ammunition. You learn stance, sight alignment, trigger press, reset, and breathing. Then you add the ammunition. It’s the same thing with proper CrossFit instruction. Most of the basic skills are learned with a 1lb. PVC pipe. For information on CrossFit’s movements and techniques, please review our exercises page. Focus on learning the proper mechanics, then ramp up intensity. All of the CrossFit workouts are scaleable to any level of fitness.