“Murph” SWAT Competition Results


Congratulations to all the SWAT Teams who participated in the 2015 “Murph” SWAT Team Competition. Participating teams submitted their 10 fastest team times. Teams had to complete “Murph” between Monday, June 22, 2015 and Sunday, June 26, 2015. Each individual time was turned into a whole number (for example, 37:15 became 3,715) and added together for a total team time. The top 3 teams are the following:

  1. Santa Monica Police Department SWAT Team = 37,777
  2. St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office SWAT Team = 41,516
  3. California Highway Patrol = 43,629

The fastest overall individual time was Santa Monica SWAT Operator, Scott McGee, with an incredible time of 31:58.

Richland County Regional SWAT Team


Congratulations to Richland County Regional SWAT Team (South Carolina) on completing the CrossFit Hero WOD “Murph” as part of this years SWAT Team “Murph” Competition. All members of the Richland SWAT Team completed “Murph” in under one-hour, which was the standard originally adopted by Santa Monica SWAT Team (California). Richland SWAT Team made history when 9 of their Operators completed the 50 hour SEALFIT Kokoro Camp. Great job everyone!

Santa Monica Police Department SWAT Team


Santa Monica Police Department SWAT Team inspired the Law Enforcement Officers across the Nation when they adopted the CrossFit Hero WOD “Murph” as their official SWAT qualification test. Congratulations to the SMPD SWAT Team (pictured above) on completing “Murph” this year as part of the Nation-side SWAT Team “Murph” competition. CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro joined the Team this year, along with CrossFit Games Announcer Rory McKernan, and both did an awesome job! Stay posted for the results of the most physically fit SWAT Team once all the data is compiled from participating SWAT Teams from across the Nation.

SWAT Hero WOD “Murph” Competition



St. Lucie County SWAT Team, with CrossFit LEO Liaison Greg Amundson and San Diego Police Officer Christine Jones, following the completion of “Murph”.


Congratulations to all the SWAT Teams on completing the CrossFit Hero WOD “Murph” in under 1 hour. The workout “Murph” (1 Mile Run, 100 Pull-ups, 200 Push-ups, 300 Squats, 1 Mile Run) was first recognized as a prominent SWAT fitness challenge by the Santa Monica Police Department SWAT Team. ST. Lucie SWAT was the second team in the nation to adopt the workout as their official SWAT qualification test. In order to be considered for the ST. Lucie SWAT team, operators must complete “Murph” in under 1 hour, wearing BDU pants and boots. As part of the 2015 Nation-wide SWAT “Murph” Competition, CrossFit LEO Liaison Greg Amundson joined St. Lucie SWAT for their yearly qualification. Meanwhile, in California, CrossFit Games Director, Dave Castro, joined Santa Monica SWAT for their qualification. Teams across the Nation, including California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles SEB, and Richmond County SWAT Team, completed the challenge.

Law Enforcement Seminar – CHP Ventura


Congratulations to the graduates of the CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar hosted by California Highway Patrol Ventura station on June 20, 2015. Special thanks to CHP Officer Freischlag for helping to organize this Seminar. CHP is setting the standard across the state of California for the implementation of CrossFit into their Academy and sector stations.


The next CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar is scheduled for July 11, 2015, at Hayward Police Department in Hayward, California.


St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office CrossFit



Congratulations to the graduates of the April 11, 2015,  CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar, hosted by St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. This was the first LEO Seminar to hit the East Coast, and the event sold-out in just a matter of days. In attendance were Officers and Deputies from a wide range of Departments in Florida, including Sebastian Police Department, Hollywood Police Department and numerous members of the highly respected St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team. The St. Lucie CrossFit Affiliate gym is an indoor-outdoor training facility, complete with a firing range and obstacle course. Special thank you to Lt. Brian Hester of SLSO for his outstanding leadership in implementing CrossFit into the Sheriff’s Office and SWAT Team, and for being such an inspiration to the Law Enforcement Community in Florida.


CHP East Los Angeles Division – CrossFit 535



Congratulations to the graduates of the CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar hosted by the California Highway Patrol East Los Angeles station and CrossFit 535. This was the first private LEO Seminar that was exclusive to the CHP. All of the Officers in attendance were CHP Officers assigned to a variety of stations across the State of California. The long-term goal of the CHP is to integrate CrossFit into their Academy and all their sub-stations. The Officers pictured above were selected by their Command Staff at CHP to be ambassadors to their fellow Officers in the CrossFit program for Law Enforcement. Congratulations everyone, thank you for your service, and good luck in spreading the word!


Oregon City Police Department


Congratulations to the graduates of the CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar held at Oregon City Police Department (also known as CrossFit 1850) on March 27, 2015. Over 6 different Law Enforcement Departments were represented at the Seminar. Oregon City Police Department has done an amazing job of integrating CrossFit into their Department culture. If you are a Law Enforcement Officer interested in developing a CrossFit program at your Department, we highly recommend watching the following CrossFit Journal videos:


Los Angeles Police Department

Congratulations to LAPD Recruit Class 8-14 on their successful Academy Graduation. Class 8-14 utilized CrossFit methodology and workouts during their Academy with astounding results. Most importantly, the class graduated without a single injury – one of the first Academy classes to achieve such a feat. The class received education and inspiration to continue their CrossFit training for the duration of their Law Enforcement career. If you are interested in bringing CrossFit to your Police Academy, please e-mail Greg Amundson at Amundson@CrossFit.com. Several Academies across the County have already successfully implemented the CrossFit program. CrossFit, Inc., has established numerous points of contact for Academy Instructors and Administrators who can guide the integration of CrossFit into any type of Academy setting.


LAPD Recruit Class 8-14 on their final CrossFit workout


Oregon City Police Department – CrossFit 1850

In November 2013, the Oregon City Police Department lost an officer in the line of duty. That hadn’t happened in more than 100 years. As the new police chief in the small Oregon community, Jim Band recognized the need to help the department cope with the loss of Reserve Officer Robert Libke, who was fatally shot after responding to reports of an armed man near a house on fire.

In a rare quiet moment during a stressful day, Band sat down at his desk and could feel weights dropping in the gym, so he wandered over to observe. What he saw was therapy in action.

“I see all these faces who had just been carrying the weight of the world for the last couple days. … They had just finished some WOD, and I could just see their faces … they were so much better,” Band says.

The chief tells Greg Amundson, CrossFit’s Law Enforcement Liaison, all the money, time and effort put into CrossFit 1850 was worth it after seeing its effects on members who were dealing with the devastating loss of a colleague.

The affiliate has been active since 2011, and it was created because “the ability for our employees to combat the overwhelming stresses of police work through exercise is paramount,” according to a 2012 press release.

Watch the full story on the CrossFit Journal.