The first CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar took place in March, 2011, at the Orange County Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy, which is also a CrossFit Law Enforcement Affiliate. The mission of the CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar is to educate and inspire Law Enforcement Officers about CrossFit and provide resources on how to implement the program into Agencies and Academies.

The CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar is offered on a regular basis at CrossFit Law Enforcement Affiliates around the Country. The cost of the Seminar is $199.00 and is only open to active Law Enforcement Officers, Law Enforcement Agency Administrators and Law Enforcement Agency support staff.

Of the ten general physical skills (See CrossFit Journal Article, October 2002, “What is Fitness”) – cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy – it can readily be seen that success in the Law Enforcement profession is absolutely dependent on these athletic components. The Law Enforcement Seminar provides a framework for the Officer on how these physical skills may be improved upon through CrossFit training.

The CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar will teach Officers how to:

  • Implement the CrossFit program into their Agency or Academy.
  • Educate Officers on current physical fitness trends in the greater Law Enforcement community.
  • Provide speaking points for Officers presenting CrossFit to administrators.
  • Experience two challenging team-building CrossFit workout.
  • Provide specialty training on CrossFit Striking, Kettlebells and foundational skills.
  • Network Officers with CrossFit Law Enforcement Trainers in their community.
  • Affiliate their Agency or Academy with CrossFit.
  • Case studies on CrossFit based LEO Academies and Affiliates.
  • Present the validity of CrossFit to Agency administrators.
  • Use the CrossFit website and local CrossFit Affiliates to enhance the Officers fitness.
We look forward to seeing you at the next CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar!
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